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Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Being The Church Where You Are

God has called us to be the church wherever we are.  That means when we're at work, home, the grocery store, a restaurant, or in the car, wherever we are, that's where the church is.  We want to celebrate what people are doing in their everyday life to share Jesus with those around them!  Since we're all called to ministry, then we want to celebrate the ministries that are taking place in people's everyday lives!
Being The Church Where You Are Email

Jenn's Story - Being a blessing at work

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)
I took Caity and her BFF caroling here at work Friday. It was awesome to see them realize the joy of sharing God's love with the patients who don't leave their rooms. Cait has asked when she can come back and many of the residents have asked for them.

I also just make it a point to be a positive influence here at work.. There is a LOT of negativity. And I try to hand out a chocolate and a smile and word of encouragement whenever I see the need (which can be hourly!! Lol) it has gotten to where when I was on call weekend before Christmas and we had a call out the girl thanked me and cried because she was happy when I told her she had to work Christmas but she got to work with me. I notice people trying to be more on time because I make it a point to be way early and try to help them finish before I start my work.
Jenn and family are from Waynesboro and are currently attending Victory Worship Center.

Kerry's Story - Being a blessing in her neighborhood!

Monday, December 20, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)
I decided, after Matt's challenge one Sunday morning, to bake cakes for the people on our street as a way to say thank you for their support over the last couple of months. For me baking is a difficult process as much I bake does not come out well, but off to the store I went for supplies. I shared with the check-out person my plans when she remarked about all of the cake mixes and jellos that were lining up. She smiled and thought that it was a great way to bless everyone. I baked all day thinking of each person/family and of all the ways that they have been there for me in the past. I saw progress as I lined up the cakes on the table and felt a sense of accomplishment. I then wrote each family a thank you note expressing my gratitude for what they had done for me and proceeded down the lane to deliver. I was laughing at myself as I carried cakes down the lane only to run back to the house to get more cakes. I was imagining what the neighbors might have been thinking if they were sitting there watching me - waiting to see if they would get one too. I spent some time with a couple of the families that I hadn’t seen in quite a while and listened as they filled me in on the happenings in their families. It surprised me that they were so surprised that someone would, out of the blue, bake a cake for them. When I finished I felt happy that I could give such a small token in return for all that my little neighborhood had given me. God blessed me that day with a peace that I had not felt in a long time as I realized that giving without expectation of return was truly a give to the giver.
Kerry is a local to Grottoes and a member of FBC Grottoes.