First Baptist Church of Grottoes
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Winning the world through the Word!
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Celebrate Ministry!

Since the church isn't a place to go, a thing to do, or a vendor of spiritual goods, but rather is the people, then we want to celebrate the ministries in which you are involved.  All of us are called to minister and it may come out in a variety of ways such as reaching out in your neighborhood and developing friends, discipling a new believer, caring for a sick parent or spouse, teaching your kids to live out their faith in Jesus, going out into the local or global mission field, leading a prayer group at work, or reaching out to the guy or gal who is your server at a restaurant.  We want to share your stories of ministry, how they have changed you, and the impact you're seeing God have in the world around you!

Being The Church Where You Are Being The Church Where You Are

God has called us to be the church wherever we are.  That means when we're at work, home, the grocery store, a restaurant, or in the car, wherever we are, that's where the church is.  We want to celebrate what people are doing in their everyday life to share Jesus with those around them!  Since we're all called to ministry, then we want to celebrate the ministries that are taking place in people's everyday lives!


Learning into Living Learning into Living

Studying the scripture is vital to understanding who we are in Jesus, but there is also the point where one must actually live out his or her faith.  These are some suggestions, thoughts, and ideas on how to translate learning into living.